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Took NCLEX at 8/05, Passed in 60q

by Dangepte Dangepte (New) New Student

Hi RNs and future RNs! I passed NCLEX today. If you are going to take NCLEX, or about to really soon, or studying for NCLEX, this is my advice for you.

A little backstory so you will understand what I stand on.

In nursing school, I wasn't an A+ student. I was barely passing my classes. I almost got dropped for two different classes. On my first semester, my Professor told me that I need to drop my class. My first two exams were so horrible (42% and 52%, passing grade is 78%) that when midterms came my professor advised me to drop the class so I wouldn't have an "F" in my transcript. I didn't drop and I wanted to give it a shot. I was barely passing for the next exams (low 80s was my highest grade). Before final exam, I needed to get an 87% for my final exam so I can pass the course - which I did! I got an 88. I improved throughout the semesters but I wasn't getting high grades. I remained in low 80's for the rest of the semesters.

Fast forward to NCLEX. I only studied for a month (starting July, exam date is August 5). For about 5-6 hours depending on my capability and mood. I don't study if I don't feel like it because I know that my mind wouldn't absorb the information if I don't want to study. I play fortnite to destress; but its not healthy because I play it everyday.

I only used UWorld and Mark Klimek notes (only listened to a few audios). UWorld assessment was borderline passing, Kaplan readiness test was 60% (they said aim for 65%), UWorld qbank I was on 42nd percentile.

I wanted to move my date because I don't feel ready. But I am stubborn, I didn't move my date and took NCLEX. I got probably 10 SATA, 1 order question, and a bunch of pharms (which is my weakest I believe) and dietary considerations. My last 4 items were SATA. It shut off after 59 and I cried! For 60 questions, I was only sure of 1 item! The rest, I did process of elimination. 2 days later, I passed!

If you are anxious, it's okay. It's healthy to feel that way. but let me assure you, if I was doing this bad in nursing school, you can do it too! NCLEX is just another exam, and it is the last exam that you will need to take before you get that two added letters after your name!

Plus, I wasn't big on praying and religiosity, but I prayed to God. On my way to the testing center, instead of listening to Mark K, I listened to Glorious Mystery (the whole rosary).

Did anyone got a bad pop up and passed?

Have you received your license? Passed NCLEX on 8/7/2020 no license yet