Took my HESI A2 this morning!


Hello everyone!

I took my exam this morning and I must say that it wasn't that bad. I got a 92.33% overall and this was my first time taking it. To prepare for the exam I used the evolve study guide as well as the mcgraw hill study guide. I used the mcgraw hill guide for the Biology section only and I studied the other sections from the evolve study guide. I took A&P 6 years ago.

Please note: The math section DOES have a calculator. It's on the bottom right of the testing screen. I got to question 46 of 55 before I even realized a calculator was there. I did all of those problems by hand! :eek:

Anyway, for anyone who cares to know, my scores are below. Good luck to everyone still waiting to take the exam!

Reading Comprehension: 92%

Grammar: 98%

Vocabulary and General Knowledge: 88%

Biology: 96%

A&P: 80%

Math: 100%


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do you remember any of the anatomy questions? :( i took the test in january for practice.. i wonder if they use similar questions..


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Congrats on such a great score!


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Way to go! :yeah: I take mine tomorrow


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Thanks everyone!

@thehopeful No, I don't remember any of the specific questions. I am so horrible with that. It's like I take a test then I block everything from my mind. I would just recommend that you are very familiar with all of the concepts in the Evolve study guide as well as the one by McGraw Hill. No need to bring out your old notes or textbook.

@kgurien Don't study too hard tonight. The best thing you can do is get some good sleep. By the time I finished the test I was brain dead. It took me about 3 hours to do all of those sections plus the critical thinking part. MAke sure you let us know how you do. Good luck!


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oh okay thank you very much!