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TOO much too many!

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HOW do I help myself decide what to purchase and what is not worth it without spending and trying apps, books, or memberships (and if I had the time & money to do so!) I have heard about UWORLD and Kaplan and recently found an article about Hurst videos. I am attending a 16 month BSN course and have no breaks. I have a hectic life. However, I love the fact that I can do this straight through and sooner so I can retain information better.

I have a couple learning disabilities, for one, I cannot focus for too long because I always have something about the house or kids on my mind and second I have trouble retaining information. I have to work extra hard for it to stick and learn better in person, hands on but I made the mistake of getting into a hybrid program where you learn online by reading and discussion and then the skills you do in person.

So, here I am, 2 months before I graduate and I feel theres so much I need to know before I test for the NCLEX. Again, I hear many different things are great but I dont have a clear explanation of which ones work for better for someone like me a mom of 4 small ones who's mind tends to skip around too much. Nursing school will be done with in 2 months and I feel there is a lot I have already forgotten and I dont know how im gonna retain all this info. I am truly starting to loose my head.

Please help with any cheat sheets or anything that helped you prep for NCLEX. I struggle a lot with remembering labs and pharm categories. Nursing is truly a part of me that I was not able to let go even when I made good money and no reason to WANT to go back to school. I never felt fulfilled as much as I love my family I was always missing the part of my life to give me fulfillment as a professional and getting that behind a desk was not for me! I enjoy all that I have learned in school and in clinical rotations I feel like a fish in water! I love working with elderly, newborn, pregnant women and kids and loved the surgeries I saw, I loved the rehab facility I visited for a clinical rotation ...

I love every single thing about being out there and I am so close to it and yet so far at the same time. I need to find a system, a sort of road map to study and prepare my general knowledge by about 20 percent more before I graduate and take the exam. SO please anything would help. Sorry this is my first posting and I am all over the map but in order to interact with others I am supposed to write articles and I had no idea even though I have joined this site for a long time now but just read and had not had the need to reply or ask a question and now that I need that interaction I found out that I cannot do it unless I have done several articles it seems. So sorry for that.

Thank you for all your help in advance! I look forward to meeting people in a similar situation and maybe helping each other if they would like that, I am able to offer anything I can help with as well. After all, nursing is a team effort as far as I know !! right?

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