Too late to take a CNA course after enrolling in nursing school?

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Hello everyone,

I will be starting the first semester of the nursing program at my university this September. This past summer, I was going to register for a CNA course but all the places that have it are filled. So, I decided to turn in the application right now and wait to see if I am able to take the course next summer. I know the duties of a CNA is much like the first semester of nursing school. Also, I heard that after you complete your first semester of nursing school, you can apply for a CNA job at a hospital, nursing home, etc. without having a certificate. Is that true?

Should I just wait after I complete the first semester of nursing school and apply for a CNA job or should I just turn in the application for the CNA course (that will take place next summer) right now?

The reason I am asking is because nursing school is only two years and if I take a CNA course next summer, I would've already completed two semesters of nursing school.

I hope this makes sense.

Thank you.


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In my program after 2nd semester you just fill out an application and you're certified as a CNA1 without being tested, etc.

Some programs require CNA certification before acceptance into the program, though.

Is there someone from your program that you can ask??


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Is there someone from your program that you can ask??

I agree. Ask someone from your program. In my program we were CNA I after the first semester and CNA II in the middle of the second. I was in the same situation as you when I was about to start my program. I wanted to take the CNA class, but they were all full. I thought about taking it later, but when I found out that everything would be covered in the program...I figured it was a better idea to save my money.



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Each state had different laws. In my state you must take a Cna class and take a test. Doesn't matter if you have 2 years of nursing school.

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