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Hi, I graduate from my LVN program July 30th and have already signed up for some ADN prereq classes. Just curious what other people think about this workload for the fall. Too much, just right?

Comp. & Rhet. I, Human Growth & Dev., A&P 1 + lab, Psychology (internet) and Art Appreciation (internet).

I wanted to do it this way because in the spring all I'll have left for my prereqs is Micro, A&P II and Comp. & Rhet 2. Trying to make my "last semester" before RN program "easy."

Whatchathink? Scale it down? I figured I could make it work since I survived nursing school with 18 credit hours per semester in the program, but I think I've forgotten the difference between "nursing classes" and "regular classes."


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should be just fine. no real heavy hitters there.

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