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To work or not to work?

I am starting my prerequisites this summer, Math for Health Sciences and Chemistry. In the Fall I'll be taking A&PI. I already have an AA so I don't have to do many and the semesters will be one or two classes at most.

Right now I am taking a CNA class and was wondering if it was a good idea to work part-time, at least, as a CNA while taking one nursing class at a time. Is it doable, recommended? I do not have children and no hubby.

Thank you. I just love this BB. Every question or statement I have ever posted has been met with nothing but support, advice and encouragement.

I say yes. Working has given me so much confidence, and also shown things that I have learned in the classroom. I have a hubby and kids, but I still work -- not so much for the money, just the exposure. Good luck in school!! :)

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It depends. If neither your job workload or your school workload is too great, then I would recommend going for it. The job experiences can add a valuable component to your education as well as a few dollars in your pocket. However, if the job start interferring with your classes to the point where it compromises your performance in school, then you should seriously consider cutting back on your work hours.

It's just like parents often say to their kids, "I'll let you do such-and-such only if you keep your gradepoint average up."


Hi Gracey,

I say if you have the time, go for it!

I just had my CRP class last weekend, which is mandatory to start clinicals this fall. The woman sitting next to me was CNA, starting clinicals this fall, and she said that she really liked working and that since she works night shift when it's a bit more quiet the nurses will pull her aside and let her observe them when they do skills like caths, trach care, etc.

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