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Right now I am working for an agency. I had a job interview on Wednesday for Home nursing. I have a made list of differences.

MSN (current agency):

1. flexible scheduling

2. pay $19-$22/hr

3. maybe 5 shifts a wk but maybe 1 or 2 depending on the week

Home Nursing (possible new job):

1.For sure 37.5/per wk

2. Sick days

3. Six holidays per yr

4. Personal days

5. pay 15.30/hr

6. .40/per mile for gas

So do I take the pay cut and get the for sure hours? Or do I tough it out with agency and see hours get better? I am considering maybe working home nursing and working for MSN one day a week too.

I have not been offered the job yet. But I am still debating it. Any thoughts ??????? Shannon :banghead: :confused:


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Just curious.. why don't you try to find a more stable position working at a hospital or a nursing home, assisted living, doctor's office.. That pay cut does not sound worth it to me. If I were you I would stick with what you're doing or look for something else.


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I would not work for $15.30/hr unless it meant the difference between being unemployed and employed. The rate you are at in your present job, $19-$22/hr, is the standard rate for home health. Don't sell yourself short unless you are meeting another type of goal. Call around to the other home health agencies and find one that pays better. JMO


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Well, I do have an application in at the hospital. But the pay is even less there. Nursing homes are just not for me. I have done them with the agency. And here in PA they have mandated over time. And with three kids it is hard just to stay over four hours. This is the big home nursing agency in town. Doctor's offices pay almost nothing here. Thanks for you in sight. Shannon

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