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To all of those who did not pass...


I feel your pain. I passed this semester, and it's more work than I have ever done for a final grade of B. I had 8 to 10 classmates who were failed out of the program by a very difficult and unfairly contrived final. Me, I really can take or leave nursing as a career, at this point. If I'd have "failed," I'd not have been devastated. But many of my 20 or so classmates had their money, their hopes, their dreams, and their futures pinned on whether they passed or failed this semester. I cried with them, and for them. For all those who worked hard and didn't make it, if nursing is your dream, try another school, another semester, another level like LPN, or whatever it takes, until you find your place. Best wishes for a happier future, wherever you find it.

Maladroit, BSN, RN

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I am with you on that. I passed as well, but 1/3 of my class failed and will have to try again next semester. A few of those failed out completely. I'm bummed but it makes me try harder and want it more. I cried too, but I will admit that some of them (not all) had their priorities backwards - in an accelerated BSN program, Nursing School HAS to be A TOP priority if not THE TOP priority. Anyways, moving on this semester was bittersweet.