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To get organized..with all this new info!

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Hey! I started in the NICU about 3 weeks ago. I am a new grad and EVERYTHING is new. I want to write some things down so I remember some policies and formulas and stuff.

I started writing on a 3x5 notecard but its not organized at all. I have things all over the place. Does anyone keep a little notebook or something in your pocket? Please help :)


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We give our orienters a packet with the most common P/P's in it. If your unit doesn't do this, copy them and put them in a three ring binder to keep with you. We also have what we call our Black Books....we put all our med formulas, calorie counters, fluid requirements, etc in there and each of us have one.

You can also copy things and shrink them down to put in a smaller pocket binder :)

Good Luck!!!

and have written all kinds of drug calculations, normals and abnormals for blood tests, vital signs, etc. IT ratio, vent settings, blood gas results, policies for vital signs....there's a little bit of everything in there, but that is a book that goes with me whereever I go.

Good Luck on getting everything organized....there's so much info to learn and it feels overwhelming at times, but I can't imagine a more rewarding area to work in.



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Our unit provided us with a little black book/ringed binder that actually hold 3x5 inch cards that have hole punched in it. It has current neofax standards for trough levels and dosage ranges, drip formulas, kcal breasmilk recipies and formula recipies drs pager pagers numbers and other important pager numbers we may need along with phone extensions we may need. and various other imprtant info they think we need I also have placed note cards in it for my use when i find something i think i may need to remember or would like to have easily at hand.


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i've become obsessed with my palm pilot which holds more information than i'll ever need, INCLUDING a complete 2006 edition of the neofax.

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