To the Back ? Increase in Ear infections?

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I know ear infections are not usually hospitalized, but have any of you noticed an increase in ear infections since we have started teaching new mothers to place infants on their back? I have heard that there is an increase of flat heads d/t this. I have three small grandchildres and they all have had earaches where their mothers have not. Thanks in advance.

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We have been encouraging moms to feed their babies in as upright position as possible. It's probably not sleeping on their backs that's the problem. It's eating in a horizontal position, which puts the eustacion (eustation?) tube as a vertical 'chute' for milk to get behind the eardrum.

ALso, breastfed babies have less ear infections as a rule. Sleeping prone is associated w/SIDS; that's why the babies need to be on their backs.

Hope that info helps.

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Bottle propping. One of the greatest sins to commit in peds!!

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