Hi everyone,

As a perspective pre-nursing student I am trying to land some kind of a job in the healthcare field while I am in school to take my pre-reqs. First, I need a job to pay my bills, and second, I would like to gain some health-related experience before I apply to the nursing school. As I mentioned, I am a student, therefore, paying for a CNA course in NYC will truly break my bank.

To those of you who are certified CNAs and PCTs, do you have any advice or information on a trusted CNA school to attend, or a free CNA/PCT course offered in NYC, hospitals, LTCF or clinics. I would very much appreciate your help!!!!

Missingyou, CNA

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Find out if your state will reimburse you for your CNA training. You may be surprised!

You can ask any potential training program if your state does this.

I did my training at the American Red Cross.