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I just got done with my first day of TNCC and forgot to ask if we were going to be tested over removing a helmet and applying c-spine stabilization. We went over it today but I don't want to waste time studying that when I need to be studying things that I feel less familiar with and know will be tested over.

So was removing a helmet actually part of your test or did you just go through a skill station to learn it?

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The last time I took it we had one "mega" trauma test, the time before we had three stations for testing...if you only have one "mega trauma simulation there is no way they would test you on removing a helmet or applying C-spine.

Do you have questions on removing a helmet or applying C-spine that we could help with?

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Nope for the most part I think I would do fine with it but there are quite a few steps and I didn't want to waste time looking over it when I should have been studying the ABCDEFGHI part.

BTW just so it doesn't get misconstrued I don't think learning how to remove a helmet while maintaining c-spine immobilization is a waste of time.

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The last time I took it the instructors let us write down the A-I step assessment on the board before we started the exam so we didn't get lost or miss a step. Also they gave us a chance at the end to add anything we felt we needed to. There was a lot of props (ie IV start supplies, fluids, splints) and we had to verbalize things like CT's, speaking to family etc. We also worked with a team (as you would in real life) but each member had to lead a trauma using the others as team members.

I do think it's the most challenging course we are required to do but after you've done it once the intimidation factor is much lower and it seems like each time you take it you retain more knowledge. In my area the instructors are very good including some of the smartest and experienced trauma nurses I've ever met.

Things have probably changed then since you took it. They started the class by saying that TNCC has gotten much harder. Now you are on your own and there are no cues that will help you remember. The primary assessment is now ABCDE and if you forget any component to those you won't pass.

I just finished TNCC yesterday. There was one question on my written test related to a helmet. If we got a skills testing scenario with a helmet, we just had to state that the helmet comes off FIRST, before assessing the airway, and that we would use c-spine precautions while removing it.

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