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I recently relocated/moved to TN from FL. In FL I held nursing license for many years. Prior to my move I applied for and was granted a FL multi-state license thinking I could then practice in TN once I arrived- this was a no go....I had several interviews where employers said I needed my TN license. Soooo I start the process to obtain TN license. I see this morning its approved but has TN multi-state on the board website. I'm now panicked that I'm going to have the same situation with employers wanting TN license. Do all TN licenses have multi-state on them??? I did not apply for or intend to apply for the multi-state but just the single TN license. Can anyone share some insight...I'm freakin out I'm not going to be able to work/find a job on TN multi-state. PLEASE help!

So, I guess you have no awareness of the NLC (Nurse Licensure Compact) and how it works? Your FL license had multi-state privileges, meaning you could work in other compact states with your FL license, as long you maintained your permanent residence in FL. When you moved to TN, your FL license lost its multi-state privileges and you have to apply for a TN license (same as your driver's license -- you can use your FL driver's license to drive anywhere you want in the US, for as long as you want, as long as you live in FL, but, if you move to another state, you have to apply for a driver's license in that state (which you can then use to drive anywhere in the US ...) Your TN license has multi-state privileges because TN is a compact state and you are a resident of TN. Your TN license will not cause any problems in getting jobs there, and you can use that TN license to work in any other "compact state" (member of the NLC) for as long as you want, for the rest of your career if you want, as long as you maintain your permanent residence in TN. If you move to another state, then you'll need to apply for licensure in the new state.

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