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I'm new to acute care and learning so much. I thought I had TLSO nursing care down until yesterday! The x ray tech is calling me to verify the pt was already sat upright by the MD, I didn't know you had to be sat upright before the upright x rays. Can someone give me the low down on this? I'm trying to google nursing care for braces and anything else relevant and I can't find my answers! Help!

I have no idea. I had to Google TLSO, never heard of them.

I'm not sure what your question is? Are you asking if it is okay for a patient with a TLSO to sit upright? I would assume you might already know that? I don't know. If a patient has to lie flat with a TLSO ideally the doctor would write it as an order.

If you are not sure if they can sit upright it is a very appropriate question to ask the doctor. Or you can ask your charge nurse or a coworker.

When you take over the care of a patient with any out of the ordinary equipment or illness you have to ask the nurse giving you report to give you a quick inservice on the patient's care.

Are you asking if a patient has to be sitting upright for an upright x ray? I am not an x-ray technologists, but it seems upright must mean upright?

Has the x-ray been done...or is the x-ray tech asking you if is it okay for the patient to sit upright before he/she comes to the floor to do the x-ray?

I am thinking that by now either the x-ray has been done, or the doctor has been notified...or something?

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You need to check with the M.D. to see if the pt is spinal cleared, the xray tech needs an M.D. order to sit the pt up, sometimes they need to lay flat, with the brace they can (usually) sit up etc, but you should always check with the M.D. My answer is assuming you mean a TLSO brace, and this is my understanding, again just check with your charge nurse/md.

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