Tired of being the last one considered


Hello readers, I am posting this because I wan to hear some friendly opinions about where to go from here. Also I don't want to sound desperate but lately I am tired of hearing "the position was given to someone else."

I volunteered at a hospital, and I am currently volunteering in NYC MRC. I have reached a point that I just don't know what to do. I am thinking maybe I should add more volunteering to my resume or certifications. Is there anything I can do or add in order to stand out from other new grad rns?

I am currently working on obtaining my driver's license to see if maybe applying upstate or nearby states in order to obtain experience.

Any advice is helpful.


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Also I don't want to sound desperate but lately I am tired of hearing "the position was given to someone else."

Network, Network, Network... is the Buzzword in Nursing! The jobs are in NYC but you have to search wisely.

Some of the Nursing jobs that are posted are just formality. The job are posted to satisfy the Union and the Labor laws. You need to know the key people that know about these jobs before they are posted.

Keep volunteering because it exposes you to the Nurse Managers, Nurses, Directors, etc. Join professional sites such as LinkedIn. Keep in touch with your favorite professors, and go to conferences.

Be willing to accept any paying Nursing positions such as Psych units. If you can, take positions in neighboring States such as NJ, Pennsylvania or Connecticut. It will give you that EXPERIENCE that employers are looking for (You will need to apply to RN licences in these States).

Do not forget to get the certifications such as BCLS, ACLS, NRP, Fetal Monitoring, EKG, IV, etc. It will show that you are up-to-date with the profession.

When you get interviews, dress as if you are going to see Obama. Be on time. Research the hospital to find out what they are passionate about. Be enthusiastic and use the current health-care buzz words such as Population Care Management; Lean Six Sigma, Patient and Family Centered Care, Just Culture, etc.

Good Luck!


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Thank you so much @Chiandre I needed to read this. I am right now looking up local nursing chapters to join as well. I will do what I can to network =) once again THANK YOU!