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Tips for upcoming "Nursery Observation"


hey guys,

i'm a second semester nursing student working on my women's health rotation. i've spent the last two shifts in postpartum and i will be heading to the nursery in a few days. i only have 2 12-hour clinical days in the nursery. i have quite a bit of information sitting in front of me but i feel very unprepared. i'd like to hear suggestions from anyone who has worked with nursing students in this sort of situation, specifically what i should focus on in the next three days. is there anything you found particular annoying that your student(s) didn't know? how can i avoid irritating my nurse and being belittled by my instructor? :mad:

for those of you familiar with student rotations, how much hands-on experience is hidden in the word "observation?" i have a hunch that the word is termed incorrectly

help :smackingf


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I did my nursery rotation last semester and it was a blast. The nurses let me give the babies their first bath, get vitals, give hepb shots. I got to do a lot. It just depends on the nurse you have and what is going on in the nursery at the time. You for sure need to know all the norms for a newborn. If they have you help with vitals this is imperative. Other than that....just enjoy! It really is fun.

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Gosh...I remember back to the obs that we did. I think it was only a day that we were in the nursery part. Not enough time...I was a nervous wreck. Kids/ babies were alien beings to me. I do remember helping with baths and practicing pulse and resp checks, getting temps and watching a circ. A few of the more experienced students got to feed a few babies.

I remember thinking how out of place I felt and said..never for me.

Now I'm on my 5th baby and being around them is just natural.

I would ask the instructor about specifics and than talk to the nurses you will be with. They will have an better idea of what you will be doing.

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You have to know the norms for infant vitals. When I did my rotation, I was one of the first to go. The first thing the nurse did was ask me what the normal vitals were for the baby (I had it written down but hadn't memorized it). After that, they wouldn't let me touch any of the babies :( Needless to say, I hated my nursery experience but as a mother I guess I'm glad that they were cautious.

Thanks everyone! I'm not too worried about vital signs. Maybe you can tell me what the most the easiest s/s are to miss..or even the most common complications you see? I've been focusing on RDS and Hyperbilirubinemia.

Do you perform many heel sticks?

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