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I'm new to primary care and I'm looking for tips that make a good primary care nurse. A lot of what I do is care coordination but it seems like that's pretty common in PC. TIA!

Organization, prioritizing, good critical thinking skills. Focus and know your resources, and how to use them. Watch and learn from nurses who you think have a good practice.

Because you are learned in the coordination aspect of things, your goal as a primary nurse is to get them there. Function, highest feasible.

Good luck!!

I haven't worked in a primary care clinic for very long, but I do feel like a lot of what I do is try to provide good education. We have a lot of patients that come into our clinic that have no idea what their hypertension numbers should be at or diabetics who are on insulin who don't know the S/S of hyper or hypoglycemia. The other thing that I encounter a lot of is trying to find resources for patients. Our clinic is just miles away from an Indian reservation so we have a lot of needy patients. We also have MAs that are what we call care managers who deal with the patient referrals and some education. I have found that these MAs appreciate it when I can help them out by holding meetings to explain disease processes, which helps them better explain things to the patients. And also just support and listen to their frustrations. Ultimately I am leaving this clinic because I want to develop my skills more, but primary care will always hold a special place in my heart.


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