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Tips for Retaking NCLEX

susha1318 susha1318 (New) New

Hi everyone! So I just epically failed my first round at the Nclex exam. I felt like I knew the information but clearly I did not. I am having a difficult time figuring out where to start now and what to re-study. I think my main issue is being able to take the different symptoms and figure out what the disease or issue is with the patient in the question. Does anyone have any tips, websites, test taking and studying strategies, funny pictures that help me understand diseases or conditions better, or anything found helpful to learning more material? I would really appreciate ANY help at all! Thank you!

Sounds like you could benefit from a good content review- with that, I highly recommend Hurst! They review the ‘need to know’ core content for each body system. The great thing about Hurst is they don’t just tell you what s/s to look for in an ailment, but instead they help you understand why these things are happening. It’s this understanding that will enable you to critically think and further enhance your ability to correctly identify and anticipate outcomes. They present information in a way that is easy to understand, not to mention their lectures are quite entertaining. It’s quite pricey but well worth it! I love it!