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Tips for Passing Chem/Physiology?

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Hello Everyone! 🙂 

I will be taking Intro to Chemistry (introduction to some of the basic principles of inorganic, organic and biochemistry) AND I will be taking Human Physiology. 

1) I have NEVER taken chem before, not even in high school. Any tips to pass chem? 

2) What should I review from human anatomy to help with physiology? Any tips to pass physiology? 

Please comment below your favorite study techniques/tips, and what type of learner are you? *I'm a visual learner 🙂 

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I found the intro to Chem class more math based than organic chemistry. Learn dimensional analysis to help you with chemistry (and later drug calculations), look up the book "Dosage Calculations for Nursing Students." 

For physiology, I had the PowerPoint in front of me during lecture and wrote my notes on it (I did this electronically but others did it with printouts of the powerpoint); I highlighted, rewrote important concepts in my own words, and made notes of other relevant information that I had previously learned in order to refresh my memory (i.e. adrenergic receptors and effects when learning the RAAS and digestion). I also recorded lectures and listened to them while I was driving (I do a lot of driving). 

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