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Tips on how to make it through LVN school????

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Ok so i will be starting LVN school in June 14th. I am currently a CNA right now but i can't help but think of what to expect or what should i do and don't do before school starts. Do you have any tips pls???Feel free to let me know and thank you guys!!


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I just started in January so I don't have much insight. But I am a CNA as well so I will say that when you are doing skills be sure to do it the way that they teach you. Try not to do the bad habits you pick up as a CNA.

I would start studying questions and rationales from day one. It will get you used to critical thinking and how nursing questions are structured. If you need it, StatPearls has a free access link posted on their facebook page for thousands of free multiple choice questions and flashcards and a free ebook for all students worldwide. Dosage calculations is a must to know, and start looking at nursing fundamentals. Good luck.

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Here are a couple of my tips...

1. Find out the manner in which you learn best (e.g., visual, auditory, tactile or kinesthetic) and study in a way that utilizes your dominant learning style.

2. Study a little bit of the material on a daily basis. Do not procrastinate. Avoid last-minute cramming when studying.

Good luck to you!

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Get a book on critical thinking (saunders and kaplan) local library. first to see how nursing questions are organized. It is interrelated which means to answer questions you need background knowledge. Most nursing questions related to disease processes all are based from cellular/molecular level. If you study it now you will be able to tackle one of the most difficult classes. So first get kaplan book and look at saunders test taking strategies and look at the patterns in the rationales. This is the thinking process. I wished I was told to review cell bio and molecular bio which are the key concepts for A&P. Trust me it will save you a lot of time studying especially in med surg. Many students struggle with that class because its pure science related with the nursing concepts.