Tips for Graduating Nursing Students in Securing a Job After Graduation


Hello, hello. I am graduating from nursing school in 7 months from an entry-level BSN program in Southern California. I have no prior healthcare experience. I would say that I have a good amount of family/friends who are already in the field. How much does that help? What else can I do to ensure a smooth transition into my nursing career. I am also very open to relocating. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!


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Good to think ahead :)

Having family/friends in healthcare is helpful from a networking standpoint; the more people who know you are looking for work, the more likely someone will hear of something you should try for. Just having family/friends in healthcare will do zero for your job prospects (after all, it's what YOU can do for a prospective employer that matters) BUT having people keeping their ears and eyes open always helps :)

California is a saturated job market for new grads; I'll be honest that your opportunities will be very limited if you want to stay in your area. If you do stay, you'll need to apply everywhere and anywhere RNs can possibly be hired. Doesn't matter if it's not your Dream Job, if you GET a job, consider yourself fortunate!

Many places fill job openings by moving employees within their own facility, promoting from within first. If you can get a job as a CNA/PCT in a hospital, that might help your application as an RN down the road. After all, if you prove yourself valuable, reliable, etc they're more likely to take you on than someone they don't know.

Beyond that, if you are willing to relocate, you can do a jobs search on the many State forums here, and see what comes up.

Good luck!


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Make sure the managers where you're doing clinicals know who you are. Be bold and introduce yourself!! Definitely get connected anywhere you can. You might be surprised who can be a good contact!