Tips on getting HIRED?

by janyu janyu (New) New

I graduated Spring of 2020 with my BSN and got my RN soon afterwards. All of my friends have been landing jobs at surgery centers, home health, and hospitals (if they have connections), and I feel so left out. No one has reached out to me while my friends have been getting a handful of interviews in a week, while I have 0!

It would be nice if I can be hired too. I have edited my resume based on my mentor's advice (a CNO), but it still hasn't helped much. I have been applying to jobs (surgery centers, hospitals, clinics, etc.) nonstop for about a month now, and it just sucks not to hear from at least ONE job opportunity. Everyone wants experience, but how can I have experience when no one wants to give it?

People are also telling me to wait for new grad programs, but they may not start until next year (at least for where I am at due to the budget cuts the hospitals are experiencing). I know many people are also struggling with finding jobs these days; I know it's not just me and some people have been struggling to find employment way longer than I have, but I just wanted to vent this frustration off my chest.

Does anyone have tips on how to get a call for an interview and actually get hired?

How far and wide have you been applying? How many miles away do you search?