Tips on how to choose / shop for a good review center

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  • Take time out to visit, observe and inquire on their review program.
  • What is the number of students per venue?
  • Do their modules and methodologies fit your learning style?
  • Do they use quality audio-visual equipment?
  • Do the use learning aids?
  • How long is the program in terms of HOURS?
  • Are their venues and the locations conducive for learning?
  • Do they have comfortable seats with arm-rests?
  • How many practice exams do they give?
  • Do they consistently rationalize both right AND wrong answer choices for each question?
  • Are their review materials updated regularly?
  • Is the price commensurate to the hours, material content and quality of the review program?
  • Do they show GENUINE care for their students? Do they provide guidance and discipline by monitoring their performance and attendance?
  • Is their faculty in-house or merely outsourced?
  • Don't believe in the passing percentages of review centers, especially those who claim to have 100% or very high percentages.
  • Consult your friends who have gone to review centers, ESPECIALLY those who failed.
  • Lastly, be vigilant with school deans or heads who coerce you to enrol in review centers of their choice.


  • This is the best way to make sure you get the most value out of your money.
  • Make sure they don't overcrowd - iwasan yun ngayon sa panahon ng A(H1N1)! Studies prove that learning is only maximized with a lower student-per-classroom ratio.
  • Find out by scrutinizing their lessons and their coverage.
  • Remember these count when it comes to the clarity and effectiveness in the delivery of the lessons.
  • Studies prove that visuals greatly increase learning comprehension and retention.
  • Don't be deceived by programs which are presented in terms of DAYS when in fact are just HALF DAYS.
  • Choose a review venue away from noise and other environmental pollution that may affect your health, and ultimately, your review.
  • Comfort contributes to better learning!
  • Remember, you're practicing for an EXAM, and practice makes perfect!
  • Knowing the "WHY's" behind these answers gives us a better understanding of the nursing concepts in focus.
  • Some review centers choose to recycle their materials and repeatedly teach what they've taught 10 years ago. Nursing has always - and SHOULD always - be DYNAMIC. It is subject to technological and scientific changes.
  • Do not be fooled with marketing gimmicks! More often than not, discounts don't reflect their TRUE value, leaving you at the losing end of the bargain by giving you LESS review hours, LESS materials and LOWER quality of review.
  • Most review centers show merely superficial care. Once you're there and they have your money, they don't give a rat's ass what you do.
  • If outsourced, you are never assured of the content quality of the lectures and lessons. They may or they may not even show up!
  • That's pure bull. It is statistically improbable! Our national passing percentage ranges in the 40's up to 50's. Those who enrol in review centers are NOT SCREENED. ANY BSN graduate is accepted, regardless of how academically good or bad they were prepared in their nursing course.
  • They can give you first-hand, valuable insights on their satisfaction and dissatisfaction regarding the quality of the review program.
  • Most likely they have personal vested financial interests arranged with such review centers. They may even try to hold or refuse to sign and process your documents required by the PRC. Refer to CHED Memorandum Order (CMO) 13 series of 2006 which prohibits the acts mentioned above.


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excellent tips there..couldnt agree more

wow. that is well said. have you found the best review center?


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Are you advertising a particular review center?

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