Time it took to change New York licensure to California?

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So I'm going to be applying to change my Ny RN license to Cali & was wondering how long the process took so I can be ready... I know people have posted their experiences from like 2011 and 2014 but I was wondering if anyone had an experience more recently? Thanks!

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Depends where you did your training

Well i got my BSN at a school that I'm pretty sure matched the educational needs for a cali license... I mean like for people who have recently put in their paperwork with the boards how long that process took

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This is a forum for nurses that trained outside the country they are applying to work. If you trained in the US and you are a US citizen then I can move this to a more appropriate forum. Also international application takes longer to process which is why I said a lot depends on where you did your training

Oh opps i put it in the wrong section I apologize..

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If you already have a NY nursing license you don't "change" to a CA license. You get an entirely new license. It will be in addition to your NY license. You will then have two licenses.

If you want to keep them both, you will have to keep up all the requirements for each state and pay their separate fees.

Here is a link to the current processing times for obtaining a CA nursing license.

Processing Times Seems to be 10-12 weeks for license by endorsement.

I applied last August and I finally had my license endorsed by December so it took about 4 months.

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