Time to renew license


Hello all! It's that lovely time of year when I have to renew. I would like to know if anyone else has used Medscape to satisfy your CME's. If so, were you audited and all went OK? Free CME's are sounding good right now.


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I use Medscape for some of my CE, but I've never been audited. All the CE I have there has been approved by ANCC. As long as the credits are accredited by a nursing organization that your BON accepts you should be fine.

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So when you renew, you don't have to turn in your CEU's unless your audited? Is that how it goes? I'm up for renewal in August and have been collecting my certificates. Also, I'm a member of ANA so they have plenty of free stuff on their website.

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I use Medscapes free CE's, and I was audited for my first time ever this last October. I mailed them all in and it was just fine. You do have to mail in the actual certificates (not the listing). At least 50% of mine were from Medscape. This was the Texas BON.