Throwing in the Towel

Nursing Students NCLEX



I really need some tips, and pointers. Ive been nursing school since May 2017. Ill be done with the program on May 10, 2018. Not afraid to say, I am a C student.

I'm now nearing the end of my program, and I really feel stupid. I took the comprehensive predictor last week, and I got a 52%. I feel so stupid! We are now in capstone ATI, and everybody in my class is flying pass me. I feel like I may have to teach myself nursing all over again. I'm trying to stay positive because in my defense I'm really not a good test taker so its hard for me.! I get remediation from ATI, but is that really going to help me? Am I wasting my time. I want to be a nurse more than anything in the world. I just feel so discouraged right now.

Are there any tips anyone to offer me? I'm willing to do anything.

Graduation is in June

If ATI is not doing it for you, you have plenty of other resources out there to help you succeed. We all come from different background and we all learn differently. If what the school uses does not work for you, it is in your best interest to invest in research and time to find other ways to succeed. If you look in the right places you can find audio lecturers and books for free to download.

My school just recently switch to ATI and for my cohort the comprehensive exam did not count against us from graduating. Thus, I did not take that exam seriously and just took it to take it.

However, with that being said many people like myself used Uworld and passed their nclex. It took me two tries and two attempts at Uworld but I passed.

You have gotten this far in nursing school it should mean something.

Just purchase uworld qbank for 6 month if you have extra money..I know how expensive the uworld but worth the Lonnie....and answer the qbank system by system if you do cardio adult once your done , answers the cardio pedia and then cardio pharma...50 a day is good for retention.

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