Throw those large drug guides out?

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I've been doing some research and have found Drug Guide software for a PDA. Does anyone out there use a PDA in their work; particularly this type of software? Seems like a good way to go. :cool:


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They are great, but let's not throw the PDR out the window just yet.

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I would love to own one but the one that will allow drug info to be downloaded requires more memory then the one I purchased last year. I think I have a 2 MB which is a joke for holding drug info.

I think it was Medscape for drug info. I agree, the software options are incredible. You can get assessment info and much more for free. I am no longer using my PDA because the memory is so minimal that I do not need it for an address book etc...

I hope to get another PDA with the removable flash card memory. For now (and some time to come) my Loebs Drug reference is most satisfactory (and only $ 20.00).

Keep us posted!


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