Thoughts please??


Hi everyone, so I had an interview for a new graduate program as I graduated in December with my BSN. I met with one person first then moved onto a panel interview of 2 people (others couldn't make it). I felt the interview went very well. When I met with the first person she told me that they legally cant hire anyone who doesnt have their license. I completely understand that and am unfortunately at the mercy of my college who has been behind in sending the paperwork out needed to obtain our ATT numbers. That being said I plan to take my boards middle of February and she told me to contact them right away when I have a scheduled date. I guess my question is, do you even think I have a chance? probably no right? The program starts March 2nd. I sent thank you emails after the interview to everyone I met with and amongst other things they told me to keep them posted on my status and they "wish me the best of luck". Is that a good sign or bad? I am definitely reading a lot into it but I cant help it. I want this so badly....any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!


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You definitely have s shot since they seem interested and want feedback about your nclex. That being said nothing is guaranteed, keep applying applying applying! Good luck!