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Hi, I am planning to transfer to Caldwell University as a transfer nursing student in Fall 2018. Admission requirement looks really fair to me. Should I go ahead with Caldwell, I don't know much about Caldwell like their fee and all. Someone know about them? :)

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Before transferring to a school make sure you look at their tuition and fees. Caldwell University is a private college and as such has a pretty high tuition for both resident and commuting students. Also because you are transferring you may not be eligible for certain scholarships that incoming freshmen students would be eligible for. I recommend you speak with the financial aid department and nursing department before transferring.

Also speak to an admissions counselor, as a transfer student you would be bring credits with you. Many colleges have caps on allowable transfer credits (usually 60-66) you will also be responsible for core nursing courses as well as general education courses.

Higher education is getting more and more expensive you should evaluate the cost and whether or not you can afford it. Many have made the mistake, myself included in taking on a massive amount of student loan debt to cover costs. Use websites like glassdoor to see what new graduate nurses make in the area which you think you will practice and go from there.

My ultimate advice, don't just blindly transfer somewhere because the requirements seem fair or easy. Do your research and plan for the future. Best of luck.

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