Thoughts/advice on taking Pathophysiology before Physiology??

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I'm taking pre-reqs for ABSN programs and because I already have a bachelors degree I have the latest registration date at the community college I'm taking courses at... So, I'm in a predicament where I may need to take Pathophysiology the semester before I can get into Physiology. Is this a bad idea? How heavily does the Pathophysiology coursework build off or Physiology? Or could I navigate it with extra time put in for self-teaching, studying, etc? (and obviously, I need an A).

Would love to hear your thoughts and advice!

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Obviously learning about diseased body systems requires knowledge of healthy body systems first. I'd see if there's any type of online physiology course you could take over the summer, even if it is for no credit. Something like - they have "courses" you can take.

Bad idea, plus I'm surprised you can take pathophysiology before physiology. Anatomy and physiology is normally a pre req for patho.

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