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I came across this website travel nursing exchange on FB. Looks like this site has a lot of companies and jobs. Worth checking out.


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Not sure what you are sharing but it easy enough to Google travel nurse agency and come up with many agencies.


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The website has a lot of them in one place. Will make it easier when looking for a job. I just like the site.


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What is the name of the face book site. It's such a pain going through the application process only to hear find out the pay is lousy.

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A general note about job boards and "one" application sites: just say no! They exist to make money off your contact information and sell your info to anyone that will buy it. Once you are on those lists, you will be passed around forever. If you must try them, I recommend not using your phone number and using a throwaway email address. It is far better to have more control over the process and pick your own agencies to contact. You will still have to do full paperwork for any agency you sign up with no matter what the advertising site states.