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Thomas Nelson Fall 2015 Applicants

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I am in the middle of my application process to Thomas Nelson's RN program. I take my TEAS V on Tuesday the 17th. I am just looking for others who are in the same boat as me who want to share anxieties, study tips, any thoughts about the program and hopefully meet new friends that will join me in the program in August!

I'm in the application process as well :cat:.

I just took my TEAS V test today--I hope that yours went well yesterday!

I scored in the 87th percentile. How did you do? Now we wait......

I scored in the 87th percentile. How did you do? Now we wait......

That's awesome!! I've read that this TEAS version we took is supposedly much harder than the previous... Did you score 87th for the percentile in the TNCC nursing program?

I scored 97th percentile for the program.

Waiting is the worst part!!

Yeah, 87th percentile for the program. You are the second person I've spoken to who scored in the 97th. I am starting to think my 87 is not going to cut it this year : /

Don't worry yourself!!

Although, I am guilty of worrying no matter what...

Have you applied to anywhere else? I was intending on applying to Riverside, but they aren't accepting applications to their RN program this year; they are re-doing their curriculum.

I haven't applied anywhere else. I've sort of put all my eggs in this basket. I have 20 prerequisite points, a decent gpa at 3.7, and good recommendations. I'm living on a prayer. With a 97 I'm sure you will get in! I'm Heather, by the way.

I didn't apply anywhere else, either!

So we are in the same boat with that :).

I only have 12 pre-req points, 3.8 gpa, and one solid recommendation with my other one being from an online biology professor, so!

I'm sure you'll get in, too :nurse:.

I wish we would find out sooner than May, ah!

From what I've been told they take your prerequisite points and add them to your percentile for your total points. I have 107=20+87. If you have 12 prerequisite points you have 109 total points. The maximum amount of points possible is 121. When I say it that way it makes me feel like I have a better shot.

Seeee!! No need to worry about it, I think!

Do you know how many students they allow into the program a semester? I didn't ask any of this at the time--didn't want to freak myself out any more than I already was, haha!

60 per year at Hampton campus....like 30 in Williamsburg

Hi ladies,

I'm taking my prereqs now at TNCC and wondering how you all did. Did you make it into the program? I keep hearing how insanely competitive it is and I honestly am not sure if I'll be pursuing my degree here.

I did make it into the program! A little over a month has gone by already since we started. It is very competitive, yes. They get about 150 applications alone from people who qualify for the program, and narrow that down to about 50 or 60 students.

Where are you considering pursuing your degree?

I'm taking classes at the Hampton campus so would like to attend there for the program as well. I'm in 142 right now and have Microbio next semester... Then my prereqs will be complete! But I am really so uncertain and worried about it all. Everyone says how difficult and stressful nursing school is. And I'm getting really freaked out about all the responsibilities of a nurse. I don't know if I can handle being the difference between life and death for patients! Do you feel the program will really prepare you, or is that something I should already be comfortable with?

I'm at the Hampton campus as well :)!

It is very difficult and stressful, absolutely. But, not impossible.

You really have to know why you want to be a nurse and use that as your drive for everything you do.

The program does it's best to prepare you, but with some things you really just have to go through the experience to learn to cope with it better.

So I took my TEAS on Friday and had to come back to this thread. I scored in the 94th percentile. I really hope that's good enough for the program!! When did you all get your letters?