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Thomas Jefferson University

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I have heard a lot of good things about this school compared to Temple.

I want to get a Bachelor in Science degree and work as Nurse in the future. I am not sure if I should attend Bucks Community College first for 2 years and then transfer or go straight for my 4 years at TJU. The reason as to why I would prefer going to TJU is because I heard that you are most likely to get a job there since it's connected to a hospital, unlike Arcadia. I've also heard that TJU doesn't really accept everyone. I have a 4.0 G.P.A in my high school ( I am a senior this year) but I did not really do well on my s.a.t scores. Therefore I am not sure if I should go to BCC for 2yrs or straight to TJU for 4 years.

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I know plenty of people that graduated from Jefferson and did not get hired there. They have big classes (compared to be 30 student absn) and simply don't have the room to hire everyone.

I got my first degree from Temple. Loved it there. Go wherever is cheaper if you're paying your own way....the market in philly is bleak no matter what school you go to.

If you want job security, get into a hospital asap. I got my CNA after my first semester. I worked for a nursing home then a staffing agency. By the end of my freshman year, I was working in a local hospital. By the time I graduated, I had two job offers.


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Jefferson School of Nursing is not a four year university-it's an upper division school. You have to complete 2 years of nursing pre-requisites/basic undergrad coursework at a college or university and then transfer to JSN your junior year. Since you are a high school senior you may want to consider applying for the PACE program (an advanced admission program) if you are committed to Jeff. It's an excellent school. Good luck!

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It is not any easier to get hired at Jeff if you go through their program than if you were a by only BSN grad, I assure you.

You would need to do 2 years of prereqs somewhere else first before going to TJU. You can only transfer in as a junior as someone else already mentioned. I did two years a BCCC then applied to TJU this year and I got in for Fall 2015. Honestly, doing two years at community college will save you SO much money so I really recommend doing that. Jefferson is selective and they definitely don't accept everyone. If you can maintain your 4.0 gpa during your first two years of college you definitely have a good chance of getting in. Also, you won't necessarily get hired at Jeff just because you went to school there. There are way to many students and not enough open positions.Temple is cheaper than TJU, however since you would be going to community college for 2 years and then Jeff for 2 years it ends up being around the same price. I would research both programs a little more and see which school/route you prefer. Good luck!

Hello jjsrn1. I am interested in Jefferson Nursing's Online NP programs. Can you offer any insight into Jefferson's Online NP programs? Maybe suggest I am interested in learning more from a Jefferson student as yourself. Thank you.