Thomas Jefferson RN-BSN or RN-BSN-MSN Program

U.S.A. Pennsylvania


Hi everyone,

I am interested in this school's program for my bachelors and would like to get some student reviews of the RN-BSN program or the RN-BSN-MSN program.

How was the application process?

How was your experience in the Program?

Was it easy to complete your clinicals?

How was the financial aid process? Was it generous?

For the RN-BSN-MSN route, how easy was it to transition to the graduate program and which program did you pick?

Or you can just describe your experience as you know it.

Thanks in advance.


I'm looking to start this program in January-- (the FACT nursing program). I have my interview in a couple weeks and I'm not too sure what to expect.

Anyone have any tips or insight?!

Thanks :)


I've been in the FACT program and can help with some questions. The interview is pretty straightforward. Admissions will go over your prereqs and what you still may need to complete. They'll probably ask why nursing, why any career changes, goals. Pretty much the questions you would expect them to ask. It's fairly casual. Just show up looking good and prepared and you should be good.

Nylady, are you asking as a current RN or are you going in as a second degree/traditional program candidate?

Financial aid is limited. There are some scholarships available and some aid, but I would be prepared to pretty much be able to foot the majority of the bill. If you going traditional or APW, you'll probably have time to work if you need to. FACT doesn't really allow much time for working, but some people are able to do it one or two days a week - you just need to be extremely organized.

Gotta run but I can answer more questions later.

Hi ,

new poster. Does anyone know anything about admission stats for the Spring start date for the FACT program i.e. number of applications received and how many are interviewed?


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