Thomas Jefferson FACT BSN Pre-Fall 2011 Student!

U.S.A. Pennsylvania


I've been directed to post on this website in regards to hopefully connecting with some future classmates:) I'm super excited to have been accepted into this program and I would love to hear from you!

Little about myself. I've been working towards being a nurse for the past 9 years. With moving quite a bit, it has been a challenge and a hassle to focus on a school and a program. I am currently living in Colorado and will be relocating to Philadelphia in May, after I complete Spring semester (final 2 outstanding courses). I have 9-years of diverse medical experience throughout the U.S and abroad. I am certfied as an EMT. I currently work at The Children's Hospital in Aurora in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit as a Clinical Assistant. I am 32-years old and my undergraduate is in art (Bachelor's of Fine Art). I studied photography. Got my first job in the medical field as a Video Technician in Surgery at River Oaks Hospital in Jackson, Mississippi. Fell in love with the medical field and have had various jobs ever since! I want to become an RN in order to further my medical knowledge, have more job opportunities and above all take care of people in their time of need. My dream job is to work with Doctor's Without Borders. I am incredibly interested in global health initiatives and working in developing countries.

Please be in contact if you will be a part of the FACT BSN program at Jefferson in 2011! Would love to meet some classmates. Also, trying to figure out housing... Would be great to connect with folks a head of time.


Congrats, Valery! I just got my email acceptance (haven't gotten a snail mail envelope yet) and am very excited since Jeff is my top choice. I am an older student, having raised my kids and decided to go back to school to do something new. In fact, there's a small chance my son will be at Jeff in the PharmD program at the same time, which would be a riot. I never thought of nursing before since I didn't have a great experience with the sciences in high school, but I've done well with my prereqs; am just finishing up Micro, Statistics, and will do Organic Chem in the spring. If you're looking for housing, they do have a dorm, or you could try Craig's List, always a great resource. Jeff is in the heart of the downtown area so parking is a problem; make sure you'll be able to find parking because you will probably need your car to get to clinicals.

I heard we will be needing ipads for the FACT program. That is insane because I really cannot afford that. All the textbooks they are thinking of putting it online as ebooks. I am pretty sure that some people would want a hard copy to read because that is convienant for studies.

FACT 2012 I am already admitted. Now just need to figure out what to do about the tuition cost.

Good luck to you guys!!!

And I already bought the iTouch when I saw it on sale! But I think the higher cost of the iPad will probably be offset by the lower cost of the ebooks, so the whole book/supply package will probably be around what it was in previous years.

I dropped in to the Jefferson bookstore the other day and was looking at stethoscopes since the letter said we had a choice of two kinds and I wanted to know more about them than just colors and prices. The woman there didn't have much to add but said there would be a representative from the company there at the FACT dinner to let us try out both models and answer any questions.

Looking forward to meeting you guys at the upcoming Student's Day on March 19 and the FACT dinner in April - anyone else planning to go?

I'm not crazy about the idea of ebooks, since I like being able to page through my textbooks easily and being able to refer back to them when needed at a later time. Ebooks are only available for a semester, unless you want to purchase more time for them. Even though I'm not excited about the cost, I AM excited about the iPad. I wanted one, but couldn't justify the cost. Now I can!

Anyway, I haven't decided about this Saturday, since I have to travel there. But I'm definitely attending the April dinner. See you soon!

Yeah now buying ebooks we won't have it forever like we would if we buy the textbooks. I won't be going to dinner either. Be there for orientation in May. I have an really good stethoscope from my sister so I can take that off the list of things to buy. You can try online like amazon or ebay, I know the bookstore is expensive.

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