Thomas Edison RN-BSN program


I'm current RN on med/surg floor and looking for a school for my BSN. I've heard Thomas Edison from one of my friends and sent an application form and my transcripts... 10 days later, they sent me welcome letter. It was really quick. :icon_roll

Actually, I was thinking Thomas Jefferson university but their application is really complicated... I couldn't finished yet.

I lived in NJ years ago but I never heard it so I want to know anything about Thomas edison (the reputation and classes...etc). Also once I finish my school, I plan to relocate to NJ. Thomas Edison vs. Thomas Jefferson... any idea?



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TESC has had an online RN-BSN program for a number of years now. It's fully accredited. It is an absolute TON of work, probably because it's online and the school is "over-compensating" for that fact. They are generous with transfer credits and have broad categories for gen-ed classes. They won't make you take specifics like "history of Texas" or "art history 1800-1900", they just want X number of credits in a number of broad areas. So it's a good choice if you have a lot of transfer credits, as you will only have to take the nursing classes.

It's $375/credit for NJ residents but significantly more if you live out of state. If you are not an NJ resident I recommend doing the online RN-BSN at your own state university system just for the price difference.

Thomas Jefferson U is a private school in PA, I do not know anything about it.


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Thank you for your reply. I looked for schools in my state but all of them required 3-4 extra elective classes.. I don't want to spend extra time. so I tried to go to Thomas Jefferson because I knew this school does not make me any electives. Then I've heard about Thomas Edison. I don't know how many credits will be transfered and am waiting their response now.

My goal is going back to my home town, NJ. It was really tough to get a job in NJ with / without experience. So I want to know the reputation of TESC in NJ.

BTW are you in TESC? If you are, how are classes going? Do you like there?