This will be a huge transition from traditional education

by Emergent Emergent, RN Member Nurse

Specializes in ER. Has 29 years experience.

I foresee one positive from this covid will be the downfall of a corrupt educational system. Public, private educational systems have drained an enormous amount of our economy in the last 20 years.

Schools and universities have become gluttonous and overreaching. Some schools push certain social agendas on the public. Public schools have also become dispensers of charity, some of which is harming the population. Much of our obesity problem is definitely emanating from the public schools. They hand out food that is cheap, and not nutritious. Part of our crisis in healthcare emanates from the many chronic conditions that Health Care is trying to treat.

Covid-19 has given parents control over their own children's education. Many parents who have never before homeschooled, are choosing to do next year. Homeschool groups are popping up all over the nation. This is a good thing.