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This is NOT about PVT


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Since there are so many threads on the PVT. I thought that maybe those of us from the dark ages might want to share the most memorable experience when we were in nursing school. Funny, dramatic, serious, heartbreaking, what ever made the most impression on you as a student before there were PVT's and all this newer nonsense. I will start. I was doing a peds rotation at UTMB Galveston, I was caring for an 10 month baby with cystic fibrosis and I would go home from clinical every time in tears.. This little baby would stand in her crib and cry for her mother all day. The only time she did not cry was when she was being fed and attended to by the staff or when she was asleep. Her parents lived in another town and could only come to see her every two weeks. This was before there were child life specialists. This unit was a huge ward. The staff did not have time to play or interact with the children, other than their basic needs, although obviously frequent interaction and play really is a basic need for any child. I think this is probably why I did not choose peds. At this county hospital, the cases were so sad... One more came to mind, a little girl, 4 years old with syphilis... I think I have blocked some of the circumstances.

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What is PVT?

I remember a 4 year old with disseminated varicella, over her entire body and in orifices. She was miserable, even on a morphine drip, and not a darn thing we could do. Her mouth, in particular was ragged looking, and she would scream with just plain water rinses.

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ok, I will bite. What is PVT in this context?


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ok, I will bite. What is PVT in this context?

I guess you have not seen the voluminous threads on the Pearson Vue Trick? Be thankful...don't even bother.