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My name is Erin. I have been an RN for about 12 yrs now and have done many things. I just found this forum and I love it!! I have been looking back through all of the nurse entrepeneur guys are great!! I left the ED about a yr ago to do disease management (which I hated)..I am now doing workers comp case management (which I love). I do have my own side business for legal nurse consulting and am currently becoming certified to do life care plans. I am not completely independent yet and probably won't be for several years but I wanted to say "kudos" to all of you. Isn't it strange how everything comes together when you reach for the stars?? The workers comp/ med mal and life care planning all compliment one another and once I have enough experience I plan to take that leap. I have many RN friends that look at me like I am crazy (and I have noticed negativity on other parts of the board related to going it alone) all are pioneers and I love it!! I plan to lurk and ask questions and learn from you all while I gain enough experience to do it for myself..."you go girls!!"

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Thank you Erin and Welcome!

What does a life care plans specialist do? Who certifies for that? It sounds very interesting and complimentary to a lot of specialties.

You go girl!

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Life care planners are nurses, vocational rehab counselors, Physical therapists that develop a document that projects future needs for catastropic injury cases. These can be work related, birth related etc etc (Traumatic brain, traumatic birth, spinal cord . burns or even smaller one like fusions). The referral is made by the atty or insurance. Basically it is a picture of the life of the stone is left unturned every activity of daily living tool, medication , therapy, surgery that will be expected in the future is documented and it is indicated how amny times for how many times. The Life care planner works with all disciplnes of the healthcare team so develop the document. It is then submitted to an economist who projects costs for everything. Many times if the case is going to court the life care planner is deposed by the opposing side to explain her plan and its projections and many times both sides have life care planners. The document helps to guide insurance cos and attys in is a pretty huge undertaking but rehabilitation plays into it much as it does in workers comp just much more intense. I have been consultling with a large ins co that insures many hospitals as far as risk..they use LCP a lot in med mal cases where there is significant damage and they have said that when I am ready they will put me through mock depos and use me in this capacity..I am excited but like I said will be awhile!! Erin

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Hello Erin,

This is a great forum. It is the stars that are there to be reached for. I have a couple businesses and when you check out my web site you will see one of them.

keep looking up

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I browsed your website..very nice. The best thing about being a nurse is that there are so many arenas in which you can use both your skills and your knowledge. I think the reason why there aren't more nurse entepreneurs is due to the fact that there is a certain assumption that nursing is a subservient type role...not true at all!! Many times I think we forget that the knowledge we have from both education and experience is priceless and that it really is not public knowledge. Many times I think we, in the profession, short change ourselves. I just reviewed a case for the defense that was in litigation and after reviewing it..I was like, "Duh" but as I told the adjustor and the atty this is what I know..reading and interpreting a medical chart is like second nature to most nurses. They both indicated they had wished I had been involved earlier since I was able to clarify many points for them. The key is to remember how valuable we are and then have the guts to go out and show others just that!! Erin

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