Thinking of doing 30 unit option instead


I wanted to get some info on what the 30 unit option is all about I take my nclex vn in two months or so and I wanted to know is it quicker to get a certificate than doing the adn. And does the 30 unit mean I really can not get any license in any other state. What if I want to get my bsn could I if I only have a diploma and not a degree. Im short on time and I need to know of any programs that I can get my rn without having to wait two years or even one year to get into a program. I live in southern california and it seems ya there short on nurses but these schools want you to do so much to get in.

I would Love all the feedback I can get!

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I'm going to do the 30 unit option, simply because I don't have time just like you. I don't finish LVN until next year and my DH is in the Navy and we are due for a move in 7/2007 but he will extend for a year giving me just enough time for the 30 unit option. I'm doing it because with an ADN you also have to take other g.e. courses to meet degree requirements. It is true you can't practice in other states, but for me that will be fine because I still have LVN and can do RN-BSN online. You can do RN-BSN an RN is an RN with a diploma or an ADN. No RN-BSN program I've seen has specified having to have an ADN, just having passed the NCLEX and being a licensed RN. If you are staying in California, it shouldn't be that big of a deal.

If your VN school credits transfer, that's great for you, but if they don't you'll have to take the program prereq's A&P, and Microbiology usually. Plus those courses have prereq's. The prerequisites and other general ed. requirements is what's most time consuming for ADN which makes it more like two years instead of the 1 for the 30 unit.

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The thirty unit option is only valid in CA. You cannot endorse to any other state with it.


And for the other post about then doing the RN-BSN on-line, I suggest that you check into this carefully. You are going to find that some programs will not accept the thirty unit RN for this. Please do your homework first, in order to save yourself issues later on. When you try to shorten things, it usually turns around to bite you on the behind when you least expect it.

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Thanks Suzanne good point, you should check in your area or the school your interested in before excluding other options. I myself have done extensive research and have even inquired a few CRNA programs around the country about their requirements once I finish BSN. Never go into anything blind.

I usually find people have a stigma towards those who choose to "shorten" things. It has nothing to do with shorten, but what is best for you and your family. They think you're trying to shortcut your way around things, in other words half assing it. If you are happy with the 30 unit, do that, if not do ADN or BSN. Everyone is not blessed with the same circumstances and are able to drop everything and attend school straight through 2 or 4 years without working, but we do the best we can with the options we have. I know there are people out there who try to get into nursing because it's the hottest thing going and the world needs them badly and they will do anything to get from point A to point B ASAP to make the so called "big bucks". But there are those of us who see an option because it fits us and our circumstances best. Suzanne your statement just seemed to insinuate that those of us who don't take the traditional route of a 2 or 4 year RN program are just looking for a shortcut, when this is actually my passion. Makes me feel like I'm buying my degree from a 99 cent store instead of Saks.

P.S. I might be overreacting r/t late night studying for Pharmacolgy Drug Class test next week which puts me at risk for drilling a hole in my forehead!!!


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Hey, I know about this and think I can help. I am an RN--have been for about 18yrs now. I did the 30unit option when I ETSed from the Army. I am in a RN to BSN program now thru Excelsior. I DO have to take a lot of general courses. ALL of the programs I was researching would have accepted me if I had the general ed before starting the program, these include but are not limited to, SFSU, Cal State Dominguez Hills (distance learning)--but not as practiced with as good a rep as Excelsior so I chose them, and Sonoma State. What I found is that it doesn't matter as long as you have your RN and the prereqs--some programs let you do that prerequs concurrently. Here's a great thing that you may be interested in since your husband is NAVY. In the Excelsior program you get 30 units JUST FOR HAVING YOUR RN--other schools do too, but you can live anywhere and do the Excelsior program. There is a rumor that Excelsior is not accepted in CA but that is misinformation--what that's about is: CA does not recognize the LVN to RN because of the lack of precepted clinical time; otherwise it is very well respected. One thing that may be an issue to you though if you did chose Excelsior and you had to move is that Excelsior requires that you have an active RN license, they expect that you are practicing(so if you're considering them--bring this up first to get it straight). I am doing my BSN so that I can apply to grad school and all the prospective schools I asked said they make NO distinction where you get your BSN as long as it's accredited. In short, take the 30 units, sit for the board, start working, get into an RN to BSN program. Now having said that--in the ARMY I had EXCEPTIONAL training and well surpassed RNs even in critical care--I was hired on my interim permit, but had to interview for hours to prove I was not a fake. I'm not sure it would be possible to get that kind of experience in the civillian sector--so maybe you should think about how comfortable you are with your experiences before transitioning into the role of an RN. I've only known military medics to take that course, but I guess other people do it too! I have never been sorry that I challenged the board--I am sorry that I put my BSN off for so long.------

PS I would have had to RETAKE all my SCIENCE courses ANYWAY because of the graduate program I am hoping to apply to(needs to be within the last 5 years) sooooooGUESS I DIDN'T MISS OUT on too much after all in the way of general ed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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