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Thinking about taking 2 years off after maternity leave

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Hi Nurse Beth,

I am considering quitting my job after my maternity leave ends. My current Job it's at a really great hospital in CA and my work conditions are excellent. I have a total of 11 years of RN bedside nursing and the last 3 years I been in the neurological ICU, I also have a BSN in nursing. I want to take 2 years off to be with my baby, but I am worry that an employment gap of 2 years can make it difficult to find an ICU Job at at a reputable hospital. Do you think it will be hard to find a job again with similar conditions? How long is an employment gap in nursing?

Dear Worried,

CONGRATS on your pregnancy!

With your experience and credentials, you should be fine with taking 2 yrs off. Consider 3 years as an informal employment gap limit.

Depending on demand in your area, you should not have a problem. Cherish your time with your little one.

Best wishes,

Nurse Beth

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