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Thinking about pursuing Western Governor's BSN Pre-Licensure in Indiana and have questions

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I have a four year degree in teaching---no health care experience at all. I noticed you need to pass a basic nursing skills assessment while in the pre-nursing phase, but after looking at the long list of skills, I'm not sure I will be able to do that at such an early point in this program. Are you at a great disadvantage in this program if you have no healthcare background? I did not plan on getting a CNA for this. Can anyone speak to this exam?

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You'll be fine! The skills are super basic - patient transfers, etc. Several people had no real medical experience and one person I know of was also a teacher. I absolutely love WGU's program and you would not be at a huge disadvantage without a healthcare background. Sure, it does make it easier, but others have graduated without having worked in healthcare before.

Thanks! I do have a phone appt. scheduled with a counselor at the end of the week and I have written down many questions for him. I was wondering, though, if I start this program and have a circumstance that would cause me to have to take a break from it, is that doable with this? I am a wife and mom to three kiddos, and I want to think about the future also and not put myself in a situation that has no flexibility.


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Just work hard and it should all work out.

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