Thinking about pursuing a degree in Forensic Nursing, BUT


I don't want to spend 35k on a degree if I'm not going to get a pay raise. Don't misconstrue me, I'm not looking to get rich and my heart is 100 percent in the right place, but it's expensive to go back to school. I haven't talked to any FN's, but from what I've read online, the pay for a FN working in the ED is about the same as a BSN with the same years of experience.

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Have you done any forensic work? That might be the best place to start to see if it is something in which you'd want to pursue an advanced degree.


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If you're interested in forensic nursing, I HIGHLY recommend that you shadow FNEs. You don't need an advanced degree to be a FNE, you must go through a training program, complete the required number of clinical hours, and take the test to become certified. You should have experience as a FNE before getting your MSN in forensics.


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You can always get a start by registering as a SANE nurse. The SANE nurse in the ED where I work said it took about a year, but it was worth the time. I don't think it was very expensive, either. I'll be going that route once I finish my BSN, I think.