Thinking about moving to Houston, Tx! Any advice on where to work?

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I am thinking about moving to Houston Tx, and I am needing some advice on what hospitals to work for!( of course I am worried about pay also) Has anyone heard what the pay is at Texas Childrens? That isn't the only hospital I am interested in, but my cousin works there as a unit clerk and keeps insisting that I come. I am really interested in trauma, or L/D. Any suggestions. What about schools and neighborhoods? Thanks-Tara:D

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There is a male nurse on here who works at Texas Childrens, I can't remember his name. Maybe someone will read your post and pm him for you, or maybe he will see it.

They have a marvelous- regional trauma hospital--state of the art--BIG-- there, 2 actually, one is called Hermann Hospital,,thats the major regional trauma.

And the other trauma, also very large , is called Ben Taub Hospital. One is right behind the other, and both are down the block from tx. childrens.

Texas Childrens is primarily Heart , I think...not much trauma.

Want lotsa L& D??

There's a county hospital that is fairly new and I heard they have

an average of 60 babies a day...don't know the name.


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Wow, I sure would like to know the name! Thanks, passing thru!:D


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That would be me....PM me and I will be happy to help you


What area are you interested in? If you want kids, I'd say go to Texas Childrens. If you want cardiac, I'd say go to St Lukes. If you want trauma, you can go to Herman-Memorial; this hospital is also a nice general hospital to work at since it deals with all areas. If you want diversity and like helping the poor, work at Ben Taub. All of these hospitals deal with various fields, but I just emphasize their most outstanding qualities. Also, all of these hospitals are in the medical center, but they aren't your only options. There are plenty of satellite hospitals in the area that, from what I hear, pay pretty well and have a very much lighter acuity. It all depends on what you're looking for. Houston has it all.


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Originally posted by Dplear

That would be me....PM me and I will be happy to help you


Actually, we'd love to hear what you have to say. I'm a student nurse in the houston area and would like to hear your take on the various hospitals.

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