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Thinking of moving to Atlanta

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I currently live in the Bay Area (California) and due programa being impacted, I have yet to be accepted into a nursing program after 3 years of applying. I’m thinking of trying Atlanta. California has A website with a list of all programs in the state. Does Georgia have this as well so I can do my research. Do you find that programs are also impacted in this area? 

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I actually responded to one of your posts about six months ago, but never saw the other one (until now) about the bit of "trouble" you've had.  I think you're really going to have a difficult time getting into any program. Not saying it's impossible, but your past somewhat shows a pattern there.  I hope you've done whatever you could to correct it.

Just as in California, you have to remember people are getting into programs all over the U.S. due to stellar grades and the majority do not have criminal records at all.  You will be up against some tough competition for sure.

It's fine you want to apply everywhere and you definitely should.  Don't limit yourself.  First you should find out if a record will disqualify you for both going to whatever school you're applying to and for licensing in the state of where you wish to practice.  I'd hate to see you waste your time if something in your past won't even get you past the gate.  Just something to keep in mind.

Good luck to you!

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