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Hi. I have been a nurse for 10 years. I originally wanted to work in either L&D or NICU, and just because nothing was available for new grads, I ended up in med/surg, then OR for a short stent, and now I've been in psych nursing for 3 years. I really want to go back into something a little more "clinical" and have finally learned of a new opportunity at a teaching hospital here for a 12-week training course for L&D. For you L&D nurses out there, any words of advice? Is there a certain personality type that you think does best in this type nursing? Anything I should do / read to prepare me? Am I in over my head coming from a med/surg & psych background? I'm feeling very insecure!:o


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I think you are making a great choice! I LOVE L&D/NNICU! I have been a nurse for a little over 12 yrs, and have been in this area for most of that time. For a few yrs, I tried out a few different areas and always came back to Womens/Children's.

I think your background will be a huge benefit, and the fact that you are an experienced nurse is also a HUGE plus! A lot of people forget that we deal with all types of issues...medical and psychosocial in this area.

Most of the time, working in L&D, the RN is very autonomous; being organized and being able to "think on your feet", are helpful!

Anyway, good luck, and have fun...this is a wonderful area to be in! :)


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You will do great. You will know quickly whether this is a fit for you or not. I wish you the best.


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I really appreciate the info and encouragement... I need all I can get! :D

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