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Hello, I'm an international student looking for some advice.

A little bit about myself, I'm a male nursing student from Taiwan. I've always had interest in the medical field.

I came into college with a pretty set plan: I'll study my ass off, graduate, get my license, work in the U.S. for several years, then return to Taiwan.

I managed to get into nursing school, so I at least got the first part down. (Freshman in four year course)

However, I'm starting to worry about my future.

1. This isn't the most important thing but I've recently taken language classes for Japanese and I've found it most interesting. I've wanted to learn Japanese since I was a kid and now I can it's like a dream come true. However the class requirements for nursing is making it so I either have to take online classes or stop taking Japanese, neither of which is appealing. I'm told by my parents I should drop it and focus on Nursing, but I know I learn best under a pressured environment and I most likely won't find something like this outside of college.

2. I've been reading that fresh nurses have a hard time finding a job in the U.S. That job period in the U.S. is all I have to build up some money first as the pay in Asia is far lower. If I can't get a job when I graduate I can end up having a lot of trouble and not being able to support a family (The guy is still responsible for the majority of the income of the house) when I decide to have one. This is getting me rather worried as I do not plan to stay in the U.S. for a very long time (3 years after graduation at the very most) and once I'm out the pay drops dramatically. Should I consider switching majors to one that is more prominent in Asian Countries? (Physical Therapy?) Most of my friends say I'm very fortunate to even make it to the nursing school and I should not drop it recklessly, and I agree on that.

The points slightly overlap in the sense that I do wish to go to Japan for nursing if I have the language down, but at the moment I'm sorta forced to choose one or the other, and I'm finding it very difficult. Nurses are not regarded highly in Japan either, like Taiwan, and the second point still stands if the job market is bleak after graduation.

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One thing I would like to ask is Do you have US citizenship or PR? if you don't then you will have issues staying for several years to nurse in the US once you have completed your nurse training. Currently hard to find a employer willing to wait the 2 plus years for you when they can employ someone already in the US that can work straight way. Things may change in the years until you complete the training so important you keep up to date in immigration issues and requirements

No, I do not have US Citizenship. I was not aware of this problem! Ugh, I guess that adds another problem to consider...

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