Thinking of becoming inactive for a while. Am I nuts?

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If you need a break and feel that you would be a better mom by being at home and your family is still safe financially, I actually would recommend staying at home for a while.

How does it work with your license? Do you have to test every couple of years to keep your license active? I always wondered whats involved with taking a break for a few years then going back into nursing.

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Pay the $45 fee every 2 years and do all of your required CEU's. That is all for PA.


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Follow your gut...I got a BSN in 77 and worked until 89...then I started adopting kids...while they were young I wanted to stay home with them but still have my hand in nursing and make a little money...not much just fun money...I became a licenced medically complex foster mom for medically fragile infants for 15 years (adopted 2 of them)...this kept me current with peds issues and in touch with with other disciplines like PT, OT ,docs, and social workers etc. I have been paid anywhere from $350 to $2500 a month and babies were eligible for WIC and $300/year clothing allowance. I then got too old for those early feeds and apnea monitors waking me up so when I turned 50 I stopped and immediately landed 2 case management jobs ( 0ne in Hawaii making 70 K and another in St Louis making 76 K and a summer camp nurse job caring for 1400 guest a week in New York State one summer making $300/week. Keep your licence and and you will be fine honey...take some online master's courses...have fun...Nursing will always be there and it is so diverse...thats the beauty of it:) email me at [email protected] if you want to chat more...Belinda

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