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Things I wish I knew about A&P...

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I am an aspiring RN at Santa Fe college. Somethings I wish I had known before taking this class that may help others aspiring to it:

1. Print out lab sheets and redo them over and over!!! (If I had made better grades in this section, I might have made an A. I made a 44% over lab exam grade and I managed to rake my grade up to a B, so don't give up hope!)

2. Every single point (even 1%) counts!!! I did an online assignment that most people blew off in my class, and that one percent took me from a 78.91 to a 79.91 and my teacher curved my grade and made it an 80% B. You truly never know how much each point matters! Never give up!

3. If you know and feel in your gut you are not prepared and you need more practice and would rather spend time doing other non-productive things, study it anyways. Fight your procrastination. Sometimes, it took me driving over to Shands hospital, the place I wish to work in, to remind myself of how rewarding the end of my RN journey will be.

4. Something I wish I did but honestly was too shy to do... find/make a study group! The power of three is substantially stronger than one. Find the smartest people in your class, and get with them any time you can even make time to get with them. The grades DO matter!

5. A&P is a toughie! But, it is NOT a one-shot ordeal. If you fail it the first time, do NOT give up your dreams! Retake it! Or if you make a C, keep progress onto A&P II, work your bum off, and ride it out. If you don't get in the first time, retake the course! And despite what some will tell you, a B in Anatomy and Physioogy is a GOOD grade. Half of the people who enter, fail. Remind yourself this.

Above all else, remind yourself why you want to be an RN. Why you cannot become that account, why you'd rather be a nurse than anything else in the world. Take that dedication and really apply it to your studying.

Thank you to all the posters in the pre-nursing section who have helped me with studying techniques and suggestions and the encouragement to not give up my dreams.

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80% is the low end of a C at my school - you're so lucky lol

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