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There's no fool like an old fool

Juryizout specializes in Psych, geriatrics.

I'm talking about me, by the way. Here's the short version: LPN who went back to a small community college after finishing micro last fall. Mental Health nursing...check, Med surg I...check, OB... check, then I get to Med surg II. Our semester's are strange because we do two classes (sometimes 3 with pharm) first 5 weeks-we cram a semester's work of work into, Like psych nursing or OB then to med surg for the additional 11 weeks.

I work full-time, 3-12's, every Fri, Sat, Sun., go to school, lab, clinicals, and lecture, Mon-Thurs. Most of my class works in the health field and alot of them get to study after their work is done. I guess that's how they get the edge. Anyway, we are having a "television class" from another campus with teachers we aren't familiar with. So far, I've managed to bomb 3 tests, 70, 72, 73 with one more and the final to go. I did the formula: your average multiplied by 0.5, subtracted from 78.5 (our passing grade). My calculations put me at having to get an 84 on the next text and final. If I can't make at least a 78.5, how am I going to make an 84? I've rewritten notes, studied for hours, online flashcards, paper flashcards. I have a bit of a drive: 50 minutes one way, so I record the lectures and play them on the way and back. I study with student's, husband. Other nurses where I work.

I have until the first of December to drop with a W and that's after the last test. Thoughts?


AJJKRN specializes in Medical-Surgical/Float Pool/Stepdown.

I would stop answering tests as you would as a working nurse. I would almost bet money that you are.

Remember what school teaches you is not real world, it's NCLEX world, and instead of it being the PN it's the RN.

Both tests are hard, both are a lot of work to get to, but let's face it, both tests are very different (I think anyways...I think they are tested in a different thought/content focus like the difference between the PCCN and the CCRN)

The edge the others student's have is probably a cluelessness of being a real nurse. I worked full time all the way through my undergrad doing healthcare related duties but not as a nurse, as a CNA. Being a CNA was hard work but only gave me a familiarity of what actual nursing care was.

I've been back to school twice since then but mainly the curriculum has just built on my ADN program with a ton of paper writing and rarely any actual select the right/best answer type of tests...actually I will only take two tests in all of the time I've been in school and this has only been relevant to my MSN courses. Totally different than what you're having to do right now it sounds like.

I'm not much of a gambler but how much you wanna bet (unless you really just test poorly, but how did you do academic-wise in your LPN program?) that this is your barrier?

If this is the wall you're hitting, withdraw like the PP saliently suggested and act like a know-nothing nursing student next semester :geek: I really do hope this is your issue and that this post helps, best wishes!

Juryizout specializes in Psych, geriatrics.

I did withdraw, and now am seeking readmittance. I have to retake the final from Med Surg I (that I passed) to make sure I retained enough to retake Med Surg II. I also will have to do check offs.

You're probably right...I most likely answered questions in practice than right out of the book. In LPN school, I didn't have this problem. Sounds like a plan to be a "know-nothing nursing student" and just learn from the teacher/books/lectures.

Thanks for your help!

Juryizout specializes in Psych, geriatrics.

Just letting you know: for remittance, they required I take the final from the previous semester of med-surg, that I passed. I studied a lot and made an 84. Now awaiting the required check off that will be in August.

Thanks a lot for your advice. I appreciate it!


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